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Wishing You A Happy New Year

Happy New Years to you and yours! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.

It’s 2023! Is remodeling in your plans for this year? The planning and design stages are some of the most important parts of any remodeling project. If this is the year for you to remodel – be sure to get the process started sooner than you might think. We’re here to help!


4 Words That Can Cost You A Bundle When Remodeling

Keeping a handle on your budget when remodeling is important for any homeowner. And yet, there are four simple words that can blow a remodeling project’s budget right out of the water: “While You’re At It…

As a homeowner, you may want to add “just one more thing” to the project. It may not seem like a big deal to move your kitchen sink six inches, but often there’s many steps and costs involved in these little changes – especially once the project is underway.

We work hard to do a lot of upfront planning on the project to minimize changes once the project is underway and we’ll help you guard against the “While you’re at it” temptation so that we can keep your project on time and on budget!


When Remodeling Your Kitchen, These 4 Little Additions Can Make a Big Difference

You’ve heard that “the devil is in the details,” and that’s never truer than when you’re remodeling your kitchen. It’s almost counter-intuitive that the littlest things sometimes make a huge difference in how much more you’ll enjoy your kitchen. With that in mind, here are four steps you can take that can exponentially increase the joy you’ll get from your kitchen remodel.

  1. Soft-close Drawers: If you’re purchasing new cabinets for your kitchen, spend a few extra bucks (it’s really not that much money) to get soft-close drawers. There is something very soothing about how your drawers will quietly close.
  2. Under-cabinet Lighting: You can almost never have too much light on your countertops. Installing under-cabinet lighting is something you’ll never regret. It’s so much easier to work (and find things in drawers). Make sure you spring for LEDs. They are much more affordable now and will save you money on your utilities.
  3. Large Slide-Out Bottom Shelves: When picking out your bottom cabinets for your kitchen think about large, slide-out shelves instead of drawers. It makes getting to things at the back of the shelf so much easier.
  4. Hands-free Faucets: When it’s time to choose the faucet for your new kitchen sink, it’s worth it to take a look at hands-free faucets. They cost a bit more, but they really deliver value. No more having to wipe your hands off while you’re in the middle of preparing a meal in order to turn the water on.

Reach out anytime – we’re here to help!

L J Level was extremely communicative, worked with my renter, and did an amazing job with the remodel. Would hire again in a heartbeat. They truly went above and beyond.
– Evan & Emily

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